Programmes for Companies

We offer a half or full day workshop for businesses and employers.  These workshops are designed to assist businesses in managing family violence disclosure and supporting their staff, whist maintaining company productivity and employee safety.

Workshops will help you to:

  • Identify family violence in your workplace
  • See past the myths of family violence
  • Understand the psychology of living in violence
  • Understand power and control and the ways in which it is used
  • Ensure staff are safe in the workplace
  • Provide appropriate supports to staff if and when disclosure occurs
  • Ensure mechanisms are in place to support staff
  • Potentially create opportunities for employees to get involved and develop their own company policy around family violence prevention

Following on from this workshop we recommend our half day workshop for employees.  This is only a half day workshop, due to the sensitivity of the topic.  This workshop is designed to allow people to think about their own realities and identify for themselves, any violence that might be present in their lives, whether as a perpetrator or as the victim of family violence.

All workshops are facilitated by two staff to maintain and ensure employee safety and to manage any disclosures that might come from the floor.  Follow up support is offered throughout the process and any disclosures are immediately provided a key worker and support information, including a safety plan.

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