Do You Need Help?

If you’re in danger now

  • Call 111 for the police, or ask a friend or neighbour to call for you
  • Run outside, head to a public area where there are other people
  • Scream for help
  • Don’t stop to get anything
  • Take the children with you if possible. If you need help, Women’s Refuge is available 24 hours a day. There is access to safe housing, support or advocacy.
Do you need help? EWR can help you.

The person / people in this photograph are models, and are, in no way, clients or people associated with Eastern.

Eastern Refuge Society offer the following services

  • 0800REFUGE 24 hour crisisline
  • Residential safe housing
  • Community social services, advocacy and support
  • Stepping Stones women’s programme
  • Residential programmes for women
  • Residential programme for children
  • Community based programmes for women and (by request from agencies) children
  • Telephone advocacy and advice
  • Counseling
  • Advocacy with WINZ, Housing New Zealand, CYF, legal requirements or other networks
  • Referral to community agencies and services
  • Playgroup facilities for programme participants
  • Education and training for employers or businesses
  • Consultancy (on request)
  • Partnerships and collaborations with other agencies and services

Additional services offered

  • Collaborative projects for community use
  • Facilitation for other NGO organisations for use in capacity building
  • Training/education to employers/organisations/stakeholders (incurs a fee)
  • Training for educational institutes and their students (incurs a fee)
  • Development and implementation of appropriate programmes for service users
  • Public speaking engagements (incurs a sitting fee)
  • Information regarding sponsorship and corporate support
  • Consultation and supervision services to external agencies (incurs a fee)