Eastern Refuge values all those people, families, companies, funding bodies and government agencies that support our work in your community.  Much of our work could not be done without the generous support of our sponsors.

Through funding and sponsorship we can continue to develop and implement new and innovative services, collaborate effectively with brother and sister agencies, and provide targeted responses in supporting the wider Auckland community.

Your support makes a real difference.


Kauri SponsorsKauri Sponsors

Our Kauri sponsors are our longest and most loyal supporters.  Many of these sponsors have been supporting our work in the community for long periods of time.  They donate goods and services that are essential to the running of our service.  Kauri sponsors may not donate large sums of money, but their contributions and moral support are priceless.  This is our way of recognizing their good will.

Totara SponsorsTotara Sponsors

Prized by tangata whenua for its essential durability and health properties, as is the support from our Totara sponsors prized.  Totara sponsors have been responsible for supporting essential scoping and projects and help us explore innovative ways to create positive and safe change for families.  Their support allows us flexibility in order to undertake this work.


Kowhai SponsorsKowhai Sponsors

The Kowhai is particularly important to the refuge movement.  The kowhai is used to represent our national organisation and its affiliated Refuges.  Kowhai sponsorship is a demonstration of the partnerships and relationships that Eastern Refuge has worked hard to establish in its almost 30 year history.  Kowhai sponsors are those companies, corporate and government agencies supporting substantial funding to the provision of Eastern Refuge services, projects or research.  These are our long term funding partners who share our vision and support our philosophies in practice.

Nikau SponsorsNikau Sponsors

The Nikau palm extends its large fronds in order to support and shade the people below.  Our Nikau sponsors are businesses or associations that support our work, either financially or philosophically, but whose contributions are fundamental to the success of our service. Nikau sponsors are those men and women who donate goods and services in aid of women and children. These are the people who refurnish womens new homes and provide their children with warm and comfortable clothing when they arrive with nothing, in the middle of the night. These are the people who supply food, nappies, formula and toiletries and whom we appreciate greatly.

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Your support makes a real difference!

To find out how you can become an Eastern Refuge Sponsor, how to donate, or if you are interested in volunteering email: info@ewr.org.nz